Where can I buy Raffael's 1989 chocolates?
Our handmade swiss chocolates are available for purchase on our eShop and also in our Zurich store.

    How long do the chocolates last?
    Our chocolates are freshly made and do not contain any preservatives. Therefore, our chocolates last 3-6 months after production depending on their ingredients.

      What allergens do the chocolates contain?
      Our chocolates may contain traces of nuts. In order to double check if they contain any allergens you might react to, please do not hesitate to contact us via email info@raffaels1989.com or call us at +41 44 260 88 30.


        What are the delivery charges within Switzerland?
        Delivery is 7 CHF for orders below 60 CHF and free delivery for all orders above 60 CHF.

          What are the delivery charges for rest of Europe / countries?
          Shipping fees are 15 CHF for European Union and 48 CHF for rest of the world.

            What is the delivery duration? Is this the same across Switzerland and other countries too?
            The delivery duration is 2 to 5 working days.

              Is there tracking available for deliveries?
              There will be no tracking available except for express delivery, which can be tracked.

                Ordering & Payments 

                What are the available payment methods?
                If you order online you can pay online with your credit or debit card.

                  How can I cancel my order?
                  In order to cancel your order, please contact our store within 12 hours.

                    What do I do if I receive an incomplete or incorrect order?
                    If you have any troubles with your order, please contact us directly via email info@raffaels1989.com or call us at +41 44 260 88 30. We are happy to assist.


                      Can I return my order?
                      It is our policy to ensure that all deliveries are in perfect condition and that every possible precaution is taken.
                      However, due to hygiene purposes, we do not offer exchange or return services for our chocolate products.